Human Conversation with Erin McGathy and Wayne Federman

Erin McGathy and Wayne Federman have a human conversation.
Artist and Performer Erin McGathy (This Feels Terrible) and comedian Wayne Federman engage in a weekly, candid, free-flowing conversation about being alive.

category: comedy
tags: comedy, feral audio


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37 - Tolerating Candlelight - (1:06:36) 30.82 MB
This holiday season, let Erin and Wayne lovingly debate their way to your heart.

36 - Exacerbated - (1:07:12) 31.1 MB
Halloween costumes, tipping hairdressers and your besties, Erin and Wayne!

35 - Vanity Plate Trim - (52:27) 24.35 MB
Erin McGathy's life takes a new direction and then she tries to explain what getting trim is to Wayne Federman.

34 - Wayners And AirBear Ride Again! - (57:46) 26.47 MB
AirBear divorces and Wayners releases his first album The Chronicles of Federman!

33 - Dream Maker - (1:03:22) 29.35 MB
Turns out Wayne knows a childhood crush of Erin's and it leads to an impromptu calling him on the phone and classic McGathy meltdown.

32 - Slick, Smokey, Souful - (59:13) 27.45 MB
What kind of essence do you have? Slick, Smokey or Soulful? It is a classic McGathy abstract rules of attraction on Human Conversation!

31 - Erin Puts Dirt On Her Face - (1:03:37) 29.46 MB
Wayne and Erin question everything and each other on Human Conversation!

30 - Two Girls In A Cup - (1:02:54) 29.14 MB
Wayne says the word moist and Erin talks about masturbation. Both become uncomfortable.

29 - The Fall Of Federman - (1:07:16) 31.13 MB
Wayne goes to his first gay wedding, Irish homophobic slurs and MORE!

28 - I Want You To Want Me - (1:06:22) 30.72 MB
The McGathy name isn't Irish at ALL! All the best want songs and more on Human Conversation!

27 - Molly Goggles - (56:04) 26.01 MB
Erin and Wayne discuss their preferred style of clothing for men and women and Wayne reveals he is a veteran of the Cold War.

26 - Exaggerated Startle Response - (1:07:41) 31.33 MB
Steam punk, kombucha and Wayne's exaggerated startle response syndrome on today's Human Conversation!

25 - Erin in Ireland - (1:07:35) 31.27 MB
Erin calls in from Ireland for more of an interview than your regular human conversation. Wayne probes her on her wild Ireland adventures and more!

24 - Renaissance Man - (1:01:16) 28.38 MB
Is Wayne a renaissance man? Erin would beg to differ. Erin is a hood rat though.

23 - The Littlest Tribesman - (1:04:59) 30.08 MB
What's your perfect sub? Wayne is super into wet food and has a hardcore Christmas song that defiles Erin's love of Christmas songs.

22 - Ice Cream Bowl Full Of Wine - (1:04:38) 74.3 MB
Extreme champagne problems, its Erin time and Wayne is just in a great mood.

21- TWO POOL DAY - (1:10:16) 32.51 MB
Erin decided one day she is a Colts fan, its a two pool kind of day, Pocahontas, The Stanford Prison Experiment, human interaction and more!

20 - Sherbert - (1:05:37) 30.38 MB
How do you spell sherbert? Erin McGathy and Wayne Federman are inclined to find out.

19 - Ernie Firework - (1:06:38) 30.84 MB
Human Connies and McFederalists rejoice! Human Conversation is here, Erin plays the song she lost her virginity to and hardcore porn is not Wayne's jam.

18 - Into Musicals - (1:19:39) 36.8 MB
Erin and Wayne talk about their love musicals from maybe about 30 minutes, Erin's in a pretty big wedding blog and Wayne talks about the life he leads.

17 - Pre-Pearl Jam - (59:01) 27.36 MB
Is Pearl Jam about cum? Wayne talks about his run in with Sean Penn and Erin gets a special phone call during the show.

16 - Unquenchable Thirst For Knowledge - (1:11:25) 33.03 MB
Erin looked up the band Jellyfish and does not approve, she's also super into musicals and Wayne gets to the bottom of it.

15 - Cool Animals To Ride - (1:03:57) 29.61 MB
Wayne forces Erin to name hipster bands she is not fond of, what's the coolest animal to ride and more on Human Conversation!

14 - Incredible With Sandwiches - (1:00:56) 28.24 MB
Erin and Wayne get the results from their ancestry tests, compare favorite bands and try to understand Tinder.

13 - Love Grubbing Urchin - (1:05:40) 30.4 MB
A very personal episode of Human Conversation has the hour discussing Erin coping with a passive aggressively cruel internet comment and Wayne insists a criticism only means you're famous.

12 - Lee Greenwood - (1:08:41) 31.79 MB
On this weeks Human Conversation, lateness, theft, gogurt, juvenile delinquency and a little TLC from Erin and Wayne to you.

11 - Lets Do Crack And Ayahuasca - (59:33) 27.3 MB
Erin heard something about wayne and demands a high thread count, while Wayne suggests they do an episode on drugs.

10 - Cleavage Breakdown - (1:06:07) 30.61 MB
On this weeks Human Conversation: Erin and Wayne debate if women dress for themselves or for men,

9 - Pardo Derivative - (1:07:24) 31.19 MB
Erin is back from Barcelona and Wayne is frustrated by her storytelling and she tells her interaction with podcast pioneer Jimmy Pardo.

8 - Huckleberry Friend - (1:01:14) 28.37 MB
This weeks Human Conversation, Erin and Wayne's favorite movies, Rhode Island facts and revelations about Big 5 sporting goods.

7 - Poison - (1:04:19) 29.78 MB
On this weeks episode of Human Conversation, Erin tracks her and Wayne's ancestry, which requires him to spit into a tube but it turns out Wayne is bad at spitting. Also, an old diary, basketball, mistrust of pool players and more!

6 - The Brunette Wilson - (1:03:30) 29.41 MB
Such topics include Eye candy, PT Anderson, Wes Anderson, gossip, film scores, Three Dog Night breakdown and Jeff Goldblum.

5 - Big Five - (1:29:48) 41.45 MB
This week on Human Conversation: The sociology of stand up Erin asks the age old question "are you a grape guy?", Erin doesn't know anything about anything Wayne samples TV like Whitman Wayne gets accused of sleeping Sleeping in cars in parking lots

4 - Mirror vs. Filter - (58:32) 26.83 MB
Erin explains corsets, mirror vs. filter, philosophies, and dead teenager's diaries.

3 - Wayne's Pool Tricks - (1:02:00) 28.46 MB
Human conversation 3/17/15 Irish coffee, Stigma of drinking in America, Drinking age changed, Erin "loves" guns but doesn't know much about them, Genealogy and Spray tan.

2 - I Have A Lot Of Friends Too - (1:01:30) 28.49 MB
Welcome to another episode of Human Conversation with Erin McGathy and Wayne Federman.

1 - Human Conversation - (1:00:16) 27.93 MB
Erin McGathy and Wayne Federman launch their own podcast.